World Space Observatory UV Spectrographs (WUVS)


WUVS (WSO-UV Spectrograph) consists of two high resolution spectrographs (R=50000) covering VUV range 115-176 nm and the UV range of 174-310 nm,  and a long-slit spectrograph (LSS, R=1000) covering a wavelength range of 115-310 nm.

Since 2011 WUVS is produced under the responsibility of Russia. Its new design and construction is led by the Institute of Astronomy of the Russian Academy of Sciences in collaboration with several institutes of RAS and Russian industry. The geometrical stability of spectrograph is provided by titanium heat pipes which are forming its structure, all heat sources inside spectrographs are connected to outer wall by additional heat pipes.

Significant progress in development of CCDs gives us possibility to use the custom design of CCD detectors manufactured by e2v company (UK) based on its heritage of detector production for numerous space missions including UV- and far-UV ones. Detectors cooling system consists of large external radiator and an isolated heat pipe connecting to CCD cold fingers.