Fine guidance system

The Fine Guidance Sensors System (FGS) is intended for precise pointing and stabilization of the telescope during a scientific observation session.

FGS consists of 3 guiding sensors located near the central part of the telescope focal surface, and the common doubled Data Processor Unit (DPU). The Master catalogue for FGS is stored in the Data Processor Unit and contains coordinates of guiding stars over all the sky up to 17 magnitude.

The Fine Guidance System is under development by the Space Research Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences (IKI RAS).

Technological models of guide sensors and of DPU have successfully passed electrical and coupling tests

Main parameters

  • Field of view

    3 x 3 arcmin

  • Period of information updating

    0.5 to 2 s

  • Spectral range

    450 - 750 nm

  • Guide stars

    Up to 17 magnitude

    [column one-third]