The WSO-UV is equipped with multipurpose instrumentation to carry out: High resolution spectroscopy (R~55,000) of point sources by means of: the far UV echelle spectrograph (VUVES), working in the range 1020–1800 Å, and the near UV echelle spectrograph (UVES), working in the range 1740-3100 Å. The sensitivity of these instruments is about ten times better that of the Space Telescope Imaging Spectrograph (STIS) on a similar configuration. Long-slit low resolution spectroscopy (R~1500) in the 1020-3200 Å range with the Long Slit Spectrograph (LSS). Imaging and slitless spectroscopy (R~500) in the 1150-3200 Å range with field of view larger than 1 arcmin for UV sources with the Imaging and Slitless Spectrograph Instrument for Surveys (ISSIS). The instruments VUVES, UVES, and LSS are grouped together under the same spectrographs unit, the World Space Observatory Ultraviolet Spectrographs (WUVS).