Ground segment

The WSO-UV ground segment (GS) is comprised of all the infrastructure and facilities involved in the preparation and execution of the WSO-UV mission operations, which typically encompass real-time monitoring and control of the spacecraft, telescope and instruments as well as reception, processing and storage of the scientific data. There will be two complete GS systems: the Russian one will be located in Moscow (Lavochkin Association and the Institute of Astronomy of the RAS), and the Spanish one will be sited at Madrid. The satellite operations will be shared between both Ground Control Centers, transferring the mission control from one center to the other on a regular basis.

The Ground Segment includes the Mission Operation Center (MOC), and the Science Operation Center (SOC). The MOC is in charge of the Mission Control System (MCS), the Flight Dynamic System (FDS), and the Remote Control System (RCS); the SOC controls and develops the Science Control System (SCS), the Science Data Processing Center (SDPC), the Science Archive (SA) and the Analysis System (AS).